The Scott Hosier Veteran's Roundtable - Rochester, MN


In the picture left to right, Scott Hosier, Tom Hosier, Duke Padgett, and Henry Bartel. They are holding a picture of the USS Indianapolis.

The Veteran's Round Table in Rochester, Minnesota was the brainstorm of Scott Hosier (co-founder), a high school teacher and historian. He invited Veteran vets to speak to his Social Studies classes on Veteran's Day, interviewed many veterans to learn first hand about their experiences and enjoyed attending the Veteran's Round Table meetings at Fort Snelling. In July 2004, he organized a meeting at the History Center of Olmsted County. Read the whole story.



Mission & Goals

  • Honor and appreciate our veterans' who served and sacrificed for our country's freedom.
  • Hear our veterans' stories first hand... and remember.
  • Learn from history. There are important lessons in history, and these can shed light and provide insight on today's events and issues as well as guidance for tomorrow's directions.
  • Preserving of our veterans' stories through video recording. These are available at the History Center of Olmsted County, Rochester, Minnesota.

Round Table Meetings:


The Typist: Witness to the Nuremberg War Crime Trials 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Speakers - Special Features:

Larry Tillemans and film producer David Klassen

7:00 PM - Program

Autumn Ridge Church
3611 Salem Road SW
Rochester, MN 55902

$5.00 Donation Appreciated